Animal Clinic Services for Birds in Naples.

Birds are some of the most fascinating pets. What amazing things they give in return for some daily seed, and a daily-cleaned cage. The ability for some birds to mimic the speech of humans is a great draw for people who wish to have a pet they can truly converse with. The regular vocalizations and intonations of human speech are easily copied by many species of birds. With some regular repetition, you’ll find birds are able to repeat what you say and some things you may not want them to. If this is the case remember having a bird can be likened to having a three year old in the house and, they may repeat something’s that you wished you hadn’t said. Birds may require beak and nail trimming every four to six weeks. Some birds are allowed to remain with full flight feathers; other owners choose to trim the wings. Discuss this with our veterinarian at All Animals clinic Naples, Florida and he will be able to help you to decide on whether your bird should retain its flight capabilities. An annual health exam and a fecal examination for parasites may be recommended for your feathery friend.

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