Animal Clinic Services for Cats in Naples

Cats make wonderful pets for a household that is on the go. Cat’s are by nature independent and may not require the time involved in caring for other pets such as dogs. Cats are great pets for children and adults that need the companionship that a furry friend can provide. There are many breeds of cat but the most common is the domestic short hair. With little need for grooming it is one of the most popular choices for feline companion animals. Cats enjoy their favorite perch and you may find them high up on a cupboard or windowsill if they are not provided with their own cat perch. Some cats will find the need for scratching and if provided with a scratching post will not use your carpet or prized sofa. Young cats and kittens will need more time to play and have more energy as they are developing their skills, and balance. They may need several hours of “play time” and are great for homes with someone around to give them this attention. Cats are great pets and will need veterinary care at least once a year for routine vaccinations to prevent viral illnesses and parasitic infestations. Treatment for fleas and ticks may be applied topical or given orally. Ask our great staff at All Animals Clinic, Naples, Florida¬†about our recommendations for your cat’s ongoing health.

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