Animal Clinic Services for Dogs in Naples

Dogs are man’s best friend, and come in all shapes and sizes. Bred for specific jobs most breeds have distinct characteristics and qualities. It is a good idea to research the qualities of a breed before actually adopting or purchasing a dog. Matching your lifestyle to the qualities of the breed will make you friendship everlasting. If a pure bred dog is not what your shopping for, the a mixed breed is a great companion option. Dogs of mixed breed will carry some qualities of each breed and make great pets. Dogs will need regular exercise, and you may find they will enjoy some of your outdoor activities as well. From early morning jogs to boating, dogs will love to be with you even sharing an errand or two. One should always be careful of the summer heat with your dog, and making sure you both stay cool and well hydrated will even make the dog days of summer some of your best. Dogs will need annual vaccinations and testing for heartworm and intestinal parasites. Flea and tick control is important to prevent disease and parasitic infestation. Contact our caring staff  at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida to learn what vaccinations and preventatives are appropriate for your pet’s lifestyle.

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