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Animal Clinic Services for Exotic Pets in Naples

The realm of exotic pets is always changing, as taste for the odd and rare becomes let’s say more and more exotic. Several years ago exotic would have been considered to be pets like snakes and lizards that are now considered common place. Dr Andreoli deals with a variety of exotic animals in his practice. Monkeys, hedgehogs, spiders, kincajuos have become increasingly popular and are great pets. Chinchillas are also a more recent option in the exotic pet area. Native wildlife including bear, deer, wolves, skunks, possums have also interested animal’s lover’s exotic tastes. Whether native or exotic before any such purchase is made, make sure you are able to meet the housing and licensing requirements. In addition to the special licensing exotic pets often need special care and care of these rare pets should be well researched. call us at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida if we can assist you with any exotic veterinary care.

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