Hamsters and Gerbils

Animal Clinic Services for Hamsters and Gerbils in Naples

Hamsters and gerbils are small nocturnal creatures that require a minimum of care time but still provide that warm fuzzy feeling. The mainstay of a gerbil or hamster diet is of a commercial seed, hay and some vegetables. Fresh water should be provided with a hanging dropper bottle. Great care should be taken NOT to choose a male and a female if two are to be housed in the same environment. Hamsters and gerbils may have a tendency to nip, and if small children wish a pet to handle these may not be the best choices. Being nocturnal creatures they are very active at night and placing their cage in a bedroom may cause you to loose some sleep. They are great fun to watch as they scurry around in the evening, collecting seeds in their check pouches to take back to their nest. Gerbils and hamsters take great care in building a nest and in addition to bedding of woodchips, some softer material such as paper products or paper towel rolls for chewing and nesting will need to be provided. The teeth of gerbils and hamsters grow continually and they need to chew to keep wearing them down. The staff at All Animals Veterinary Hospital are experienced in helping your “little” furry friends.

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