Animal Clinic Services for Rabbits in Naples

Rabbits make wonderful indoor companions, and like cats can be trained to use a litter box. Indoor rabbits may have double the life span of outdoor rabbits. Whether in an outdoor hutch or an indoor environment, there are many different breeds of rabbits to choose from. Each varies in ratings for calmness, size and tendency to nip. Some popular small breeds of rabbits are the Netherlands Dwarf and the Holland Lop. Care for rabbits depend on the length of their coat. Long coated rabbits will need daily grooming, and some have fur that can be spun into fibers for knitting. Rabbit will also need to visit the veterinarian at least once a year for routine exam and parasite test. Rabbits will need some basic supplies like a cage, water bottle, bedding, and food bowls. Hay, pelleted food, vegetables and possibly a commercial vitamin supplement is a great way to keep your rabbit healthy. Rabbit’s teeth can become overgrown if something is not provided for them to chew on. A cardboard paper towel roll can be used, to keep rabbits teeth from overgrowing. Trimming a rabbit nails will also be part of their regular care. If you need help your veterinarian can teach you. Be cautious if you let your rabbit roam the house household, cords, adapters and anything electric can pose a threat. Make sure to bunny proof your home if this is the life style you want your rabbit to have. In no instance should the rabbit be left out of its cage when no one is supervising it. Rabbits are very strong chewers and can burrow a tunnel into your walls, as fast as you can say Peter Rabbit. Rabbits make wonderful pets for children with the ability to hold them carefully and securely. Adults, who have a limited amount of time, will also find that rabbits make the best of companions. For any assistance please contact All Animals Veterinary Hospital Naples Florida.

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