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Snakes and lizards are pets for people with special tastes. For these owners observing the reptile in its environment may overtake the urge for cuddling. Lizards and snakes will need an aquarium, set up with a heat lamp, thermostat, lights, plants, a perch, and bedding, an under tank heater may also be needed under the bedding as well as a mister or spray bottle to provide droplets of water which your lizard will drink. Snakes and lizards may enjoy basking in the heat of their lamp, but will also need an area of shade or cooler temperature to regulate their body temperature if they become too warm. Some snakes may enjoy a water bowl. Soaking in water may help snakes shed. Snakes such as the ball python make excellent starter snakes. Small snakes will consume newborn baby mice or rats called pinkies, and as they grow, they will need a larger food source. Feeding live or pre killed mice or rats is a choice you will have to make. Sometimes live prey animals will defend themselves against your pet snake and may injure it. Snakes may eat about once a week depending on the season. Some snakes will go into hibernation depending on how many hours of light they receive. Shedding is also something your snake will experience at different intervals depending on your snake’s age. Snakes should be carefully observed during this period to make sure they complete their shed. Increasing the humidity in your snake’s environment during this time of shedding will help them shed. Lizards also may benefit by increased humidity during the time of shed. There are many similarities in the environments for snakes and lizards careful research should be completed before making the decision to keep a lizard as a pet. Bearded dragons are good starter lizards. Some lizards require very special environments and care, and are better cared for by more experienced reptile owners. Some lizards are carnivorous or meat eating they can thrive on crickets mealworms and some larger lizards can even have a diet of fish and fresh frozen mice. Never offer food to your lizard larger than the width of its head. Many lizards will eat just vegetables, and some lizards are omnivorous, meaning they eat both fruits and vegetables. Keeping you lizard healthy is a very delicate balance. Always consult an expert when considering Lizards’ nutritional needs. You can contact our experienced veterinarians at All Animals Veterinary Hospital Naples Florida.

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