Cat Arthritis

Cat Arthritis and Treatment Options in Naples

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints and can cause pain or an inability to use the affected joint or limb. Arthritis can be seen as difficulty getting up, walking or running. The body can compensate for a while then it will need help! The Doctors at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida can determine the best approach for your pet by using X-ray equipment and even lab tests. Lab tests can help determine which medications would be appropriate. Unfortunately, there is no cure for arthritis but the availability of advanced medications can sure improve your pets’ quality of life!


Arthritis can be caused by several factors. Factors causing arthritis can range from the natural aging process of your pets’, old injuries, genetics, or a break down of fluid that lubricates joints.


Arthritis symptoms can vary but may appear initially as difficulty getting up initially that goes away as the pet “warms” out of the discomfort. Arthritis can get more severe with time and can appear as gradual or sudden onset of lameness with the pet having difficulty moving quickly or inability and unwillingness to move. Arthritis can cause the pet to move with a “hunched” appearance or the pet may hold up the affected limb. General stiffness of gait and loss of interest in formerly beloved activities like playing fetch could also be early indication of arthritic condition.


The veterinarians at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida have the equipment and experience to perform the various tests needed to detect arthritis. Arthritis can be detected using simple neurological tests, x-rays or more in depth tests.


Arthritis treatment can vary depending on the severity, cause and location. The veterinarian at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida can discuss which option is best for your pet once these factors have been determined. All Animals Clinic Naples Florida has the latest anti-inflammatory and analgesic medications and supplements available.

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