Cat Crystals

Cat Crystals and Treatment Options in Naples

Bladder or kidney stones are formed from crystals. Crystals are usually a product of diet, genetics and even water minerals. Crystals can cause urinary bleeding and discomfort and even “urgency” feelings of having to urinate often. X-rays and Lab tests can be used to determine the cause and severity of the problem. Many times the problem can be controlled quickly with medications. Sometimes with the worse cases a surgery is performed to remove the crystals. All Animals Clinic  Naples florida has state of the art surgical equipment if needed.


Crystals are minerals brought together from components in the diet usually. Minerals causing crystals can be from additives in your pets’ food. Crystals can be caused from minerals in drinking water. Some pets can be predisposed to forming crystals due to genetics, breed and species. Crystals can be formed by kidney disease.


Symptoms involving crystals in the urine known as “crystalluria” can vary. Symptoms can remain unnoticed until the routine urine sample is tested or inability to urinate is seen. Crystals in the urine can cause painful urination or “urgency” feelings of the pet have to urinate frequently. Crystals in the urine can cause a “hunched” appearance where the pet looks as though they are trying to defecate but are really trying to urinate.


Crystals in the urine can have a varied degree of severity. The doctors at All Animals Clinic will make a determination of treatment depending on many factors. Treatment can vary from dietary changes, medications and supplements. If necessary the veterinarians at All Animals Clinic Naples. Florida  have the equipment and experience necessary to perform appropriate catheterization and surgery if needed.


The veterinarians at All Animals Clinic Naples, Florida have the ability to detect crystals
in the urine by using a variety of tests that vary from simple urine tests to
x-rays, ultrasound and even scooping if necessary.

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