Cat Heartworms

Heartworms in Cats and Treatment Options in Naples

Cats may be diagnosed with heartworm just as dogs. Heartworm can be diagnosed with a simple blood test. Heart worm preventatives act as both prevention and treatment for heartworm disease in cats. If your cat spends time outside use a preventative medication like Heartgard to prevent this disease. Call us  today at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida to get more information about getting a prescription for you cat.


Heartworm disease is caused when mosquitoes infected with heartworm bite your pet and transmit larvae or baby heartworms into your pets’ tissue and bloodstream. These heartworm larvae migrate through the bloodstream, and after molting several times arrive in the heart and lungs. Heartworm is preventable, a once a month dose of heartworm medication will keep your cat safe from this deadly and dehabilitating disease.


Heartworms can cause a variety of symptoms including but not limited to coughing, listlessness or depressed activity, exercise intolerance, skin lesions, clotting problems or heart disease and death to name a few.


All Animals Clinic Naples Florida has the ability to use simple blood tests to detect heartworms. Heartworm testing involves a small amount of blood that can give results in minutes.


Heartworms are treated in cats with medication given in several intervals. Sometimes in more severe cases hospitalization of your pet may be necessary. All Animals Clinic Naples Florida has the ability to hospitalize and take care of your pet as needed. The good news is that in cats the preventative can be the cure without a separate treatment plan.


Heartworms are easily prevented. All Animals Clinic Naples Florida has the medications that would be appropriate for your pet. Heartworm medications can be given as a once a month chewable.

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