Cat Nutrition

A good veterinary recommended dry kibble is best for your cat. Feeding small portions and keeping your cats activity level to a maximum with regular play, not only provides them with a healthy constitution, but a healthy disposition as well. A visit to the veterinarian may be necessary to discuss weight loss if you find your cat looks not like a cheetah but more like Garfield. Weigh loss programs should always be monitored by a veterinarian as serious liver complications may arise.

Dangerous Foods

Mmmm said the kitty as he glanced through the fish market window. Sometimes we can just love them to death. A limited diet consisting of people food, canned fish or tuna is the right way to harm your cat. Diets limited to tuna, sardines and other tasty things like organ meat may contain harmful levels of vitamins or contaminants like mercury.

Healthy Foods

A healthy diet for you cat is best recommended by your veterinarian if your cat has suffered any medical problems. The variety and range of veterinary specialty diets is almost as great as the range of health problems your veterinarian may see. Dietary supplements have now been built right into the diets so we are assured the diets are balanced and nutritious. Many diseases require different formulations like low sodium diets for kidney disease, and diets containing anti oxidants for liver conditions. Diabetic diets along with regular blood glucose monitoring, and proper insulin regulation can greatly prolong your diabetic cats life. Kittens will need a high protein formula diet and elderly cats may benefit from. Please contact the veterinarian at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida to help you choose a food that is right for your pet.

We Recommend

The veterinarians at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida recommend Hills, Royal Canine, and Purina Diets as products that have availability for a lifetime of good nutrition and support should your pet become ill. Specialized gastrointestinal diets with easy to digest components as well as diabetic diets and weight management diets can also be found in these lines. Senior pets as well as puppies should always have special consideration when selecting a diet.

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