Cat Tags and Licenses

Cat Tags and Licenses in Naples

Rabies is a transmissible disease that WILL cause fatality in both animals and humans. The rabies vaccine must be given by law at the required interval by a licensed veterinarian at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida. The interval of rabies vaccination may be one or three years depending on the incidence of rabies in your community. Some pets may be exempt from rabies vaccination if their blood titers level proves to be adequate through testing. A license is the documentation required by the county for you to legally house a pet in your home within the community. A license purchased through your veterinarian or the county domestic animal service will help fund the collection, housing and adoption program of stray animals. When planning to take your pet abroad always remember requirements for rabies vaccines and other testing may require you to start a protocol at least six months in advance. Some incidents of improperly vaccinated or unvaccinated animals may result in quarantine of up to six months. Always vaccinate you pets whether at home or planning to travel. If an unvaccinated animal bites someone, that dog will also be subject to quarantine. Check with you local domestic animal services or your veterinarian at All Animals Veterinary Hospital Naples Florida for more information on regulations in our county.

When and How Often

Rabies Vaccinations are given on a one or three year protocol, dependent on the age of your pet, and incidence of rabies in your community. Ask our veterinarian at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida which protocol is appropriate for your pet’s health


Contact our office at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida for appropriate estimates for vaccinations and licensing. The prices for licensing animals in most counties vary for altered and unaltered animals.

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