Medical Care for Cats

Medical Care for Cats in Naples

Medical treatment for cats should be sought at all animals clinic Naples Florida in the event your cats behavior or appearance changes. Cats are very good at hiding their illnesses. Any change in your cat’s behavior should be relayed to your veterinarian. Ceasing to groom, weight gain, weight loss, inappropriate urination, hair loss, not eating, not playing, hiding vs. all could be indicators of medical problems masked by behavioral changes or changes in appearance. The veterinarians at all animals clinic Naples Florida are extremely capable of helping with event he most complicated medical case. Please click to read on.

Cat Allergies

Just like humans cats can be allergic to foods, pollens, grasses, molds, mites. The signs or symptoms can include coughing, itching, scratching, watery eyes and nose and hair loss. Thankfully, there are tests that can be performed at ALL ANIMALS CLINIC NAPLES FLORIDA to diagnose the cause and provide the appropriate treatment.

Cat Arthritis

As the pet population ages with increasingly good maintenance care, we see more pets with geriatric diseases like arthritis. A degeneration of the cartilage can cause dehabilitating pain and stiffness in older pets. Left untreated your pet may become less and less mobile. Fortunately their are diagnostics and treatments available for pets with arthritis.

Cat Crystals

Crystals are formed from many factors. Infectious process, genetics and diet can all lead to the formation of crystals. Crystals left untreated can later become kidney or bladder stones. These stones can block the urinary tract, causing the pet to be unable to urinate. A pet may be seen straining or urinating very frequently with little or no output. This situation is an emergency and needs immediate medical intervention. Pets may be come increasingly lethargic. Unable to relieve themselves this condition of blockage can lead to death. All Animals Clinic is available with the necessary treatment . Call All animals Clinic Naples Florida for an appointment immediately if your pet is exhibiting symptoms.

Cat Dental

Regular dental cleaning of your pet’s teeth will cleanse them of tartar build up. Tartar can lead to gum disease and loss of teeth. Tartar build up is seen as a yellow to greenish to brown build up on the teeth along the gum line. Causes of tartar build up are varied. Symptoms of advanced dental disease may prevent your pet from eating properly. Complications to dental disease may include heart and kidney problems. call us at all animals Clinic Naples Florida for more information

Cat Fleas

Fleas are an environmental problem. Fleas need monthly preventatives to rid them from both your pets and environment. Click to read on.

Cat Gastrointestinal Problems

Gastrointestinal disease can be characterized by symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, bloody stool, and weight loss. Diagnostic services for GI problems may include radiographs, ultrasound, and other test depending on the presentation. Treatment for GI problems can vary greatly depending on the diagnostic result. If your pet is exhibiting GI symptoms please contact our staff at All Animals Clinic Naples florida immediately.

Heartworms in Cats

Heartworm is a mosquito borne disease caused by a parasitic worm called Dirofilaria Immitis. Mosquitoes carrying the parasite and can transmit heartworm. Symptoms of heartworm can include lethargy, rapid breathing, vomiting, gagging, cough, inappetance and weight loss. Diagnosis at all animals clinic Naples Florida is through a simple blood test.

Cat Vaccinations

The staff at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida recommends an examination and core set of vaccines for your pet. The vaccine protocol for your pet may vary with its age. All Animals Clinic  Naples Florida offers various packages to fit your needs. Basic vaccines would include Respiratory or “Distemper” vaccines, Allergic Bronchitis, Leukemia and Aids Vaccinations also, Rabies.

Weight Control for Cats

All Animals Clinic Naples Florida offers many weight control programs for your pet, depending on your pets’ needs. Weight control can vary from simple diet adjustments, exercise programs to addressing underlying medical problems. Some weight management issues may be due to medical problem. Dental disease can contribute to weight loss problems. Genetics and breed can play an important role in weight control problems. The staff and veterinarians  at All Animals Clinic  Naples Florida would be happy to discuss the particular weight control problems of your pet.

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