Selecting Cats

Selecting The Right Cat

Choosing the right cat for you could be as easy as visiting your local shelter. Whichever one jumps in your lap first is going home with you. Other considerations may include, does the cat that chose you also choose your children and or other pets. It’s always good to bring all these considerations to the forefront when having a pet choose you. If your pets is going to be chosen, perhaps you are more inclined to breed, color, or hair coat specifications. In this case visiting a reputable breeder of specialty cats and doing the research necessary to be sure you will be able to provide the appropriate attention to grooming and health concerns that a pure breed cat may require. Location or region of the country will also dictate the needed vaccinations dependent upon risk factors in the environment. Any pet should be thoroughly examined by a veterinarian before purchase. A certificate of this initial examination is called a health certificate and must by law be provided with the purchase of any pet. Pets leaving shelters will also be vaccinated before leaving the shelters. If choosing a kitten, additional vaccinations may be required to be fully protected. We at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida would be more than happy to help you with your decisions.

Cat or Kitten?

So many cats and kittens are awaiting your arrival at the local shelter. These days even purebred cats are available through shelters.. Selecting the right cat may be as easy as waiting for the first one to jump in your lap. Cats being very independent will often times select you. Considerations in selecting your cat may include your expectations in regard to the amount of time you have to spend with your companion cat. Kittens will need extra time to learn the ropes; like, no clawing the furniture. Young kittens will also need to complete a series of booster vaccinations and routine deworming. Spaying and neutering your kitten will also need to be considered, to prevent the overpopulation problem seen in our shelters today. If you are looking for a high-energy companion who will need extra care and additional vaccinations once you have them home choose a kitten. If you’re looking for a relatively settled companion that has had its annual vaccines and may already be sterilized choose an adult cat.

Hair Type

The domestic shorthair is familiar to us all. These cats have a smooth short coat of any color. Although these cats have short hair, like all cats, they do shed bi-annually as they prepare for the changes in season. Domestic long hair cats and some pure bred cats like Persians have long coats that require extra time for grooming. Grooming a longhaired cat may include crème rinse during bathing and brushing to prevent and remove mats. Cats will groom themselves by licking their fur to remove dander and loose hair. A veterinarian should see any cat that has stopped grooming itself, as it may be a sign of illness or pain. Some cats in the process of grooming will actually ingest some of the hair. Some cats especially the longhaired cats can suffer from hairballs. A simple hairball remedy given regularly can prevent vomiting the hairball by allowing the hairball to pass through the system naturally. A veterinarian should see any cat that stops eating or has continued vomiting of hairballs.


The personalities of cats can range and vary greatly from gregarious to timid, anxious to laid back. Some cats can exhibit dramatically different dispositions in varying circumstances. Some pure breeds may have more distinct behaviors and personalities. Careful research should be done before acquiring any pet. Most cats know when they are going to be taken to the veterinarian and make themselves scarce the morning of the appointment. This is why it may be a good idea to make the preparations for transporting your cat the night before by secluding your cat in a room where they will be easy to kennel for their trip to the vet.

Male versus Female

The gender consideration is greatly simplified by routine sterilization surgeries. Not having to worry about a female giving birth to unwanted kittens or a male roaming and getting lost or injured in search of his perfect mate is alleviated by sterilization. Although male cats have a higher risk for urethral blockages they are wonderful companions, and the risk for blockage problems can be greatly reduced by proper diet and nutrition.

More Information

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