Training Cats

Cat Training in Naples

Unless you are joining a circus, training your cat may be limited to being assured he knows where the litter box is. Other training for cats may include chase the laser pointer, and purr while being stroked. But as you can see cats have been well trained by nature from the time they came into existence. So again unless you want your kitty to walk a tight rope or jump up on the counter to receive treats, no special training is required. If your cat is going to reside indoors, you may provide him with an activity labyrinth, which he or she will no doubt figure out. Indoor kitties walked on leashes generally seem to be embarrassed, as their owners just don’t get it. But no worries your cat will put up with most anything your constitution requires of him. They love you and that’s the most important thing. Now. Where’s Dinner? We at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida can help with any questions that you may have.

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