Advice and Information About Dogs

Dogs man’s best friend, what else can you call someone who will run to the rescue when your in trouble or be there after the Mrs. leaves you. Images we grew up with like Lassie embody the epitome of the human animal bond. Dogs are our shoulder to cry on an unquestioning companion, even a caregiver and assistant to the needy and disabled. Dog, god saved his name for them and gave it a new twist. But unlike cats that may be content to sit on your lap or fend for themselves; the dogs will get you out and moving. Long walks are not only beneficial for your canine friends but the human component of the relationship as well. Mind over dog, comes into play as you know we have no power to resist their big eyes, and soft muzzle. They and only they, have the power to coax us out of the armchair in the middle of the football game to go for a constitutional. It’s almost magical, the dogs ability to make a bed made for one, work for you both. Our cuddly canines even share their warmth unconditionally on the coldest of northern nights. So what ever it be.. pure bred, or mutt, our hearts are forever changed by this furry friend, the dog. Please bring your dogs to visit your veterinarian at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida at least once a year to get the appropriate vaccinations and parasite testing; they give us so much in return.

Selecting Dogs

There are so many breeds of dog, find one that has compatible exercise tolerance and behavioral characteristics to fit your life style. Always do your research to find a compatible companion. Mixed breeds offer great benefits of many breeds in one package. Check your local shelter or animal rescue groups and save a life today. The site is a great resource for both finding pets and recovering lost ones. Fell free to call us at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida.

Training Dogs

Always train your dog with a gentle and compassionate manner. If they are not obeying you they may not yet understand what you want. Train your dog with patience and persistence. When your dog understands what you are asking, they will always try to please you. If you have any questions please call us at All Animals Veterinary Hospital Naples Florida.

Dog Nutrition

A commercially available kibble is a good diet. Hills, Royal Canine and Purina all have great selections, including some comparable to veterinary diets. Puppies and adults dogs have different nutritional needs. Some medical conditions need specific nutritional requirements. Our veterinarians at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida can help with any questions you may have.

Dog Grooming

Grooming your dog is a great way to bond. Sometimes we may need some professional help. If you are challenged by grooming your companion, call All Animals Clinic  Naples Florida for more information.

Tags and Licenses

Licensing your pet is an important part of an annual Vaccination Appointment. This license provides animal services with important revenue for collecting and homing stray animals, as well as identifying your pet as having been vaccinated against rabies. This tag can help your pet find it’s way home if lost, and prevent it’s destruction and unnecessary quarantine in the event of a bite incident. You can purchase your license at the time of vaccination at our All Animals Clinic Naples Florida office.

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