Dog Allergies

Dog Allergies and Treatment Options in Naples

Dogs are similar to people since they can become allergic to the same things. This can include food, pollen, grass, mold, mites and anything that can affect humans. The signs or symptoms can include coughing, itching, scratching and hair loss. Thankfully, there are tests that can be performed at our veterinary hospital at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida to narrow down the cause and provide the appropriate medications.


Foods, inhalants and fleas are just a few of the many things that cause allergies. Allergies come about when the body’s defenses are activated by components that the body has been made sensitive to. Allergies are a reaction involving a process that causes large amounts of histamine to be produced.


Allergies can have a variety of symptoms. Allergy symptoms can be anything from watery eyes and nose to full onset of itching, respiratory distress, chewing and wounds caused by the constant itching. Itching and hair loss is the most common Symptoms seen initially from allergies. Allergic reactions can be so severe that respiratory collapse and death can occur.


Allergies can be detected using a variety of tests at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida. Allergy tests can vary from simple painless tests done in the clinic looking for anything from fleas, skin mites to fungus and bacteria. The veterinarians at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida can perform other more detailed testing such as blood tests to check for various allergy causing agents.


Allergy treatments can vary due to the cause, symptoms and severity. The veterinarians at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida will recommend the best course of treatment that is best for your pet and what they are experiencing. Allergy treatments can vary from the use of topical to oral medications and injections. Allergy relief usually can be seen with a few hours to days depending on the cause. Dietary allergies can also be a factor when considering allergies. A limited ingredient diet may be beneficial in treating some patients with allergies. The testing for allergens as well as developing a serum for therapy can also be beneficial treatment for allergies.

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