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Dental disease can have a range of manifestations from plaque, inflammation of the gums, to major loss of connective tissue surrounding the tooth resulting in teeth becoming loose and eventually abscessing and falling out. Left untreated dental disease can cause anything from pain and discomfort to heart disease and even cataracts. Pets need some form of dental care to maintain oral health. Dental care at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida can be as simple as a particular dental diet to a dental cleaning similar to what you may experience in your dentists chair. Mild sedation to complete anesthesia protocol will be tailored to your pet’s needs and the severity of the problem. Regular dental care at home including brushing your pet’s teeth and the use of and anti bacterial anti plaque rinse is very effective in maintaining your pet’s health. Just as you enjoy the company of your pet by your side you should always take the time to care for your pets oral health.


Dental disease may be caused by environmental, genetic, and maintenance factors. Genetics may play a role in your pet’s oral health, but even if you pet was not blessed genetically with good oral health regular visits to the veterinarian and at home oral maintenance will greatly improve the longevity of your pets dental health. Environmental factors such as chewing on meat bones or rocks may actual break and damage the teeth. Requiring dental repair. Older pets left without regular dental cleaning will gradually develop poor dental health beginning with outward symptoms of bad breath. And in later stages of dental disease your pet may actually begin to have difficulty eating or loose teeth. Maintenance factors such as regular exams, and dental cleanings can prevent and protect your pet’s dental health. Young animals should always receive an oral exam at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida before six months of age to detect any abnormalities.


The most common symptom of dental disease is a yellowish or greenish plaque that forms a hard coating on the outside of the teeth. Plaque is bacterium that forms on the teeth, along the gum line and can cause the gums to become reddened or inflamed and painful. Dental disease can cause an inability to eat due to pain and or an abscess that is underneath the tooth. This can cause the base or “root” of the tooth to become discolored and or loose. Any pet that has bad breath or decrease in ability to eat as it once had accompanied by the visual presence of plaque and or broken or missing teeth should be seen and evaluated by our veterinarian at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida for dental disease.


Dental disease can be detected in many ways. The most common way to detect dental disease is opening your pet’s mouth and looking for the signs. One of the first indicators of dental disease may be bad breath. Regularly opening your pet’s mouth and checking the condition of his teeth as well as cleaning the teeth can prevent a small problem for becoming catastrophic. The veterinarians at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida have the experience and training to make a more accurate assessment of your pets’ dental status by using techniques of examination and if necessary radiographs.


The treatment of dental disease is far worse that prevention. Preventative care for your pet’s oral health would include regular visits to the veterinarian at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida, as well as regular oral hygiene preformed by you at home. Regularly brushing your pet’s teeth can prevent dental disease. The use of anti bacterial rinse can also help deter the growth of plaque on the teeth. Yearly scaling of the pet’s teeth under sedation is one way to insure your pet will have minimal dental problems throughout its life. In some cases more radical intervention must be taken to preserve a pet’s health. Dental disease left untreated may result in unavoidable extractions of teeth that are no longer viable or because they have become loose are preventing the pet from chewing without discomfort. Any pet with advanced dental disease may need further care as dental health affects may systems of the body. We at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida are always happy to recommended the best care for your pets continued oral health and well-being.

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