Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming Advice

Grooming you pet should be as enjoyable as visiting the Spa. During a bath or grooming session you may find it is an excellent opportunity to bond with your pet. During grooming at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida¬†we have the possibility to check your pets body for wounds, lumps, or parasites. During grooming the ears and eyes should also be carefully checked for any differences. Breed specific grooming has many variations. Some breeds have hair and do not shed. These hair coats can become long and matted if not properly cared for. Other grooming needs may be seen around the eyes and ears of such breeds. Special grooming like trimming or plucking of hair around the eyes and ears may be needed for some breeds. Nail trimming should be done with special attention not to trim the nail to short. Approaching grooming as something fun that your teaching your pet about is a great way to make it fun for both of you. If you’re not so adventurous a groomer at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida¬†may be employed to take care of these things.

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