Medical Care for Dogs

Medical Care for Dogs in Naples

All dogs should visit the veterinarian at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida for an annual check up at least once a year. Older and younger dogs may have special needs for exams and testing to keep them healthy. Puppies may have special dental needs as their milk teeth begin to break out. Geriatric canines may have diseases that can be detected early with a simple blood test. Preventative medicine is doing something before your pet becomes symptomatic. These simple tests and exams are available at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida can prolong your pets life. Click to read on.

Dog Allergies

Canine allergies can cause your dog to become itchy and loose hair. Some dogs can become depressed and lethargic. Pollens can be affecting your pet year round in Florida because of the warm climate. Foods, cleaning agents, and some medications can also cause a sometimes severe reaction. treatment should be sought immediately at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida for pets with symptoms.

Arthritis in Dogs

Stiffness, pain and increasing immobility characterize arthritic changes in pets. Older pets can be greatly helped by proper testing, diet, supplements and medication.

Crystals in Dogs

Diet, genetics and infections can cause crystals in your dogs urogenital tract. Frequent urination, or inability to void the bladder is an extremely dangerous situation, and treatment  at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida should be sought immediately. Prevention and proper maintenance of pets diagnosed with crystals at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida may include diet, good hydration with purified water, and regular urinalysis.

Dental for Dogs

Preventative dental care at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida for your dog is very important to maintain a healthy mouth. Concerns about dental health should begin when your dog is young as some pups may retain milk teeth. Symptoms of dental disease may include odorous breath and difficulty eating. Please read on for treatment information, or call the veterinarian at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida for an evaluation today.

Fleas on Dogs

Fleas are an environmental problem that can spread to your yard, home and pets. Fleas can be treated, but it must be a plan that involves monthly indoor, outdoor and your pet’s preventative regiment continuing for three months consecutively to rid the environment of new hatchlings in the larval stage. Vectra 3D is available at All Animals clinic Naples Florida and is a great way to begin the fight against fleas by using it topically once per month.

Gastrointestinal Problems for Dogs

Gastrointestinal problems can occur from a variety of reasons ranging from genetic predisposition to ingestion of foreign bodies careful diagnostic evaluation must be completed to properly evaluate the condition. If your pet is experiencing vomiting, diarrhea, inappetance, bloody stool or vomit please call All Animals Clinic.

Heartworms in Dogs

Heartworm is transmitted by a mosquito through the bloodstream. The larval stages of heartworm mature, migrating to the heart and lungs. The adult heartworm can reach a length of 12 inches and constrict the flow of vital blood supply also causing inflammation. Left untreated heartworm is deadly. New safer treatment protocols have been developed and are available at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida. If your pet has missed any doses of heartworm prevention or has never been on a preventative, please call All Animals Clinic Naples Florida for more information about testing your pet today.

Vaccinations For Dogs

Vaccinations available at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida are the only way to prevent viral contagious diseases in the pet population. Some vaccines also protect the human population as rabies can be found in both exposed humans and animals. Click to read on.

Weight Control for Dogs

Canine weight control may become a concern at any time in your pet’s life. Some metabolic diseases can contribute to weight gain or loss. Lack of exercise and overeating may contribute to weight gain. Some behavioral issues related to the pet’s territorial tendencies can cause a pet to over eat if it has free access to food. Food should be adjusted to your pet’s age activity level; and breed. Some metabolic problems can be a cause of a well fed moderately exercised pet to loose weight. If your pet is well fed and is not thriving, a veterinary visit at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida and blood work will be helpful in detecting any problems. If your pet is gaining weight despite low fat diets and an exercise regiment a veterinary exam and blood work At All Animals Clinic Naples Florida may reveal abnormalities that can be remedied. Please call All Animals Clinic Naples Florida today with your concerns about your pet’s weight management.

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