Selecting Dogs

Selecting The Right Dog

What do you like to do? How active are you? Are you practical or do you like pomp and fluff?┬áThese are the questions we can help you answer at All Animals Clinic Naples Florida.┬áThere has to be a dog breed for every disposition on the planet. Do you like to show off? Then perhaps a pure bred is for you. Kennel clubs allow you to have your well-bred beauty rated and ribboned. Are you a type that’s more practical, then perhaps not the doggy in the window but that stray that’s been chasing the bunnies out of the back yard is just for you. Where there’s a will there’s a way, and it seems that stray dogs know just where there’s a friendly porch and a newspaper to chew on to work their way into your heart. If you must go out searching for the perfect pooch always remember start at your local domestic animal services. These dogs are on the green mile. Next choice to search for a dog would be the humane society. These shelters are funded by donations and designated no kill shelters. These days even purebred dogs can be found at shelters in need of adoption and good homes. Mixed breeds may carry the best traits of many breeds, and they make wonderful pets, keep in mind the questions above and ask if you are choosing a dog that fits your lifestyle. Otherwise you may find your lifestyle changing. Also if this is a second pet or you have small children consider introducing all family members before adopting a new dog into your life.

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