Training Dogs

Dog Training in Naples

The most often inquired about training would be house training. There are many ways to house train your pet to prevent him soiling the interior surfaces. For young pups training requires familiarization, consistency and reward. Remember your puppy does not know what a pee pee pad is called or for that matter what pee pee is. Educating your pet when you see the first accident on the floor show the pup and say did you make pee pee, just to familiarize him with it. Asking him do you have to make pee pee outside will show him by taking him outside where you want the pee pee to happen. Eventually you will get the response you desire. It may take several attempts even several days. But praise your pup lavishly once he does make pee pee outside. Remember the more intelligently you treat them the more intelligent they are.

Training Puppies

The training of man’s best friend goes hand in hand with the bond you have formed with your pet. A dog will naturally pick up on your fears and apprehensions. A nervous person may have a nervous dog, a friendly person a friendly dog. Without knowing it you personally condition your pet to your world view and surroundings. Your dog is trained according to this world view without you even realizing it. So when initially training your pet, you may be conditioning and training them about things not in your conscious awareness. Be confident and reassuring, your pet will pick up on this and become your very best companion. Remember dogs are the ones with the active sixth sense, they know when danger approaches or when we’re on our way to run errands. Make life for you and you pet most pleasurable by first training yourself to recognize what works for you. Training methods that make you happy will make your pet happy. You’ll have a great star in training if you keep this in mind.

Training Dogs

Training Dogs can be as versatile as your interests.

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