Bathing and Grooming

Grooming and Baths for Pets in Naples

Keeping our feisty Fido clean and smelling fresh can often times be a challenge for the busy lifestyle that most of us lead. Why not allow our friendly caring staff to take care of your pets’ basic grooming needs for you.. We are often concerned as to how often to bathe our pets, and though cats may often seem to groom and care for themselves, you may bathe cats as well as dogs. Unless your dog is facing a medical challenge, bathing can be done about every 10-14 days. A non-detergent, aloe and oatmeal shampoo will have a soothing effect on the skin. Some shampoos are designed for specific medical conditions. Pets with allergies may us shampoos that disable pollens ability to take hold of the hair coat. Medicated bathing for conditions such as atopy or fungal infections can be preformed according to Dr.’s recommendations.. Keeping our pets healthy also means cleaning the ears on a regular basis with an appropriate cleaner and a preventative regiment. Pocket pets, rabbits, guinea pigs, rarely may need a dry bath, using a warm water cloth to wipe them down. Pets with paws and claws will also need nails trimmed, staying well away from the pink or live part of the nail. Grooming our pets not only helps to maintain the outer physical health of our pets but while grooming we also check the eyes, ears and we feel the body for unusual lumps and bumps. It’s a good way to check on your pet’s general health and increase the loving bond with our pet friends.

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