Dermatology for Pets

Dermatology Services for Pets in Naples

Many diseases of the skin can occur in our canine and feline pets. Smelly itchy skin, hair loss, can be characteristic of the problem. These same diseases and even allergies can also be seen in exotics and pocket pets. Parasites and allergies are common causes of some dermatological problems seen in veterinary medicine. Fleabite dermatitis can be cause by an allergic response to a single fleabite causing your pet to become itchy long after the flea has been removed. Bacterial infections can become secondary infections in skin damaged by frequent itching due to allergies. Fungal infections can also occur on the hair coat of the pet and are more commonly know as “ringworm.” Circular patches of hair loss may be an indicator of a fungal infection. A fungal culture must be done to confirm the diagnosis. Precautions should be taken with any and all parasites and fungal infections especially when the children and elderly are involved as zoonosis, (passing disease from animals to humans) is possible in some instances.

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