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Animal Exams in Naples

Physical examination is a very important part of the veterinary visit. A veterinary technician takes the patients weight and temperature. Heart rate and respiration are noted, followed by the Dr. completing a complete examination of the eyes, ears, mouth and nose as well as the legs, joints, and body. Systems and organs are palpated externally. The Dr. notes any abnormalities, and considers the patient’s history to develop a plan for diagnostics and treatment. Full physical exams should be performed at an annual vaccine appointment to confirm your pet’s health. Routine blood work as a part of a yearly veterinary visit can diagnose early changes that may indicate liver or kidney disease. Other than routine physical examination, consultation on some esthetic procedures is required. Oftentimes a consultation over a medical or behavioral problem can uncover something previously unconsidered. The veterinary medical consultation includes a review of the laboratory results and medical records as well as a full physical examination and projected treatment consultation.

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