Flea Treatments

Flea Treatments for all Animals in Naples

Fleas are an external parasite that can reproduce only after taking a blood meal. The flea develops through stages and is difficult to treat once an environment has been contaminated. Prevention is the best medicine especially in a warm climate where they are present year round. Fleas can cause unsightly ” flea dirt” on you pet’s rump and you may also see them scurrying on the abdomen is you roll you pet on his back. Fleas also can cause “flea allergy dermatitis.” Pets with FAD are actually allergic to the components of the saliva of fleas. These pet’s suffering from flea allergies actually can become very itchy with reddened skin and sores, even after the fleas have been removed. Preventatives for fleas come in many forms including oral and topical products. Some flea medications contain life stage inhibitors and some actually kill the live fleas. Your veterinarian can best decide which product or combination of products is best for your pet’s age, size and lifestyle.

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