Radiology for Animals

Radiology Services for all types of Animals in Naples

Radiology is the diagnostic viewing of a patient using X-rays or Ultrasound and can be used in combination with dyes or other agents to enhance contrast of soft tissues. Gastrointestinal blockages can be detected by using barium. When this substance is fed to the pet it provides contrast and illuminates the outline of soft tissues for diagnostics. GI symptoms may include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and apathy. An obstruction or a GI mass may be diagnosed with ultrasound. Treatment may include traditional or endoscopic surgery. Bones can be most easily viewed with X-rays and this technique is necessary for diagnosing fractures and in a tear to ligaments. Preventing serious fractures can be avoided by NEVER allowing your pet to roam free especially where cars may be present. Ideally your pet should be supervised when outside, and hand walking is always good for pet owner and pet alike. Leash walking not only protects your pet but also enhances the bond between you.

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