Surgery for Animals

Surgery Services for all types of Animals in Naples

There are many life-threatening conditions that can only be rectified and treated with emergency surgery. Sometimes time is the essential element. Some surgical procedures may be recommended in conjunction with other treatment protocols. The most important thing is veterinary care and supervision. Surgical procedures are most often done under general anesthesia, although some minor procedures can be done with mild sedation. Pain management as well as a protective Elizabethan collar is essential for post-operative success. Studies have proven healing occurs more quickly if pain is well managed. The Elizabethan collar will protect your animal from licking the surgery site. Wounds, mass removal, eyelid surgery, extraction of teeth, declaw removal, neutering and spaying and repairing broken bones are a few routine surgical procedures. Veterinary medicine has evolved such that in some cases it is on the forefront of human medicine. Occasionally, human medicine contributes to veterinary medicine. Veterinary surgical practice strives to give your pet the same comfort and care that would be afforded a human patient like pre-anesthesia blood work and screening, heart and respiration monitoring, sterile instruments and surgery suite, comfortable recovery areas and aftercare including rehabilitation.

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